5 Things That May Hurt SEO

Everyone knows the power of SEO techniques. Whether those are ‘In Page’ or ‘Off Page’. But, sometimes in hurry anyone can make some mistakes which can really hurt SEO. There are various factors that may hurt SEO. In this article, I have listed 5 most common mistakes done by many of the website owners.

#1 Selling links

Selling Links is a Black Hat technique that is used to trick search engines to list website higher on search engine results. If your website is performing well with higher Pagerank, there is a chance that someone may approach to you and offer something for inserting their website link to your website. No doubt, this can help you in earning quick cash. But, risk is that you are violating search engine’s guideline & manipulating the Pagerank system, for which you may be penalized.

#2 Images without Alt tags

The image Alt Tag or Alt Attribute provides an alternate text for an image, if the image cannot be displayed. There is a fraction of search engine users who come from image search option of search engine. If you are not using Alt Tags for your images, you will definitely lose some traffic from image searches.

#3 Overly Complex/Long URLs

Sometimes your URLs may exceed 250 chars, which will have some bad effect on SEO. As per Google, you should shorten your URL by trimming the unnecessary contents of the URL. Long URLs containing multiple parameters, can cause a problem for crawlers by creating unnecessarily high numbers of URLs that point to a similar article on your site. As a result, Search Engine Bot may consume much more bandwidth than necessary, or may be unable to completely index all the contents of your site.

#4 Auto Following/Liking in Social Media

There are various Sites or Services that provides free Facebook fans, Google+ followers, Twitter followers etc. In those systems, you will need to like or follow others in order to get points & using those points you can buy some followers. The problem is that, those followers you will get are not interested to your Website/Business. They are all just following in order to collect points. Those type of followers are useless. Moreover, those whom you have followed to collect coins can destruct your social networking promotion opportunities by posting/sharing irrelevant/pornographic posts with you.

#5 Free Backlink Tools

There are many programs on internet that claim to provide thousands of backlinks to your site in a single click. But in real those are nothing but waste of time. First, building quality backlinks need some patience & a regular routine for commenting on Dofollow Blogs, participating on various forums etc. Those backlinks created by some backlink building programs are irrelevant & search engine like Google may ban your site for Dramatic changes of your website. So, beware of Free Backlink Tools. For more about building quality backlinks, you may read, The Power of Quality Backlinks for Your Blog/Website