Every day millions of queries are made on Google about Blogging. You will be surprised to hear that the top queries about blogging are made in a pessimistic manner. Though blogging is growing as a creative career option for the young generation, still people have a lot of doubts about it. Could it be a substitute for a regular job? Is this an evergreen career option? Is blogging dead? And a lot of similar doubts and the outcomes are the predictions made by Google as soon as you type ‘blogging’ in the search bar. Let’s see what are the top queries about blogging,

Is Blogging Dead?

It was the time during 2002 to 2006 when blogs were regarded as the future of digital media. With the rise of social media, the viewpoint changed. Once upon a time, teenagers were interested in starting a blog to express their thoughts. But now a day they would prefer to promote their thoughts, ideas on social media through activities like posting, tweeting, pinning etc. So, we can assume that the interest for blogging is definitely dying. But, blogging is not dead yet. Still, there are thousands of bloggers who are trying their best to keep blogging alive. But, we must accept the fact that blogs can’t survive with the concept of old-school blogging. Readers are fickle and changing and the competition is also becoming harder than before. The only way to overcome this dilemma is to research on the changes in trends, presentation of thoughts & full utilization of social media.

Is Blogging a Waste of Time?

Blogging is not a waste of time if and only if you are not sure what you are doing. If you are just publishing posts without a proper planning, you are definitely wasting your time. If you are not building relations with fellow bloggers and not promoting your contents, blogging is a waste of time. If you are blogging to make some quick money online then you could be wasting your time. Blogging can’t be measured by cash. Your goal must be to help others by providing quality stuff. And with the passage of time, you will be definitely rewarded for your efforts.

Is Blogging Hard?

Blogging will become too hard to you if you haven’t set a goal for your blog’s future. Blogging is definitely not an easy job, especially when creating quality contents that your readers will love to read as well as share. On the other hand, you must be smart enough as a blogger. Blogging is not just creating contents. Your contents have only 25% share of the overall success of the blog. You must care about the other elements too, such like SEO, Social Promotion, Relation Building etc. Just stick to a particular niche, create quality contents, and promote your contents in a smart way. That will make blogging easier for you.

Is Blogging Safe?

Well, I am surprised to see this query among the top four. I am not sure in which point of view they are asking this. If it is asked about the safety of choosing to blog as a career option, then yes, it is safe. It is safe if you are not working on a wrong niche. It is safe if you are not copying other’s contents.

If it is asked because of the potential threats like hackers and malware, then also yes, it is safe if you have taken right steps to prevent those. There are several ways available to keep yourself safe from these potential threats. If you are working on WordPress platform you may read this – 10 WordPress Security Tips to Keep Your Site Secure

So, don’t be panic. Blogging is still alive. Only the way of presentation has changed. The level of competition has also changed. So, stop searching negative aspects of blogging and start blogging.