What is Alexa Rank?

Alexa is a California-based subsidiary company of Amazon.com which provides web traffic data. It is a Ranking system calculated based on Alexa Toolbar. It is the measure of how much traffic a website is receiving. A lower rank means higher popularity of the Website.

How Alexa Rank is calculated?

The traffic is recorded by the Alexa toolbar. Each time a user visits a website with Alexa Toolbar installed on his browser, the data is recorded and sent to the Alexa server & the visited website will be benefited by that data. If a website receives higher traffic from Toolbar installed browser, the rank lowers i.e. popularity increases. Most of the internet users say that if a website manages to lower its rank below 100,000, the website is getting a reasonable amount of traffic.

Does Alexa Rank Really Helps You?

As Alexa Rank is based on the toolbar data. All of the internet users don’t have toolbar installed on their browser. Mostly Webmasters, Site owners, Advertisers have the toolbar installed. Therefore Alexa calculates the visitors amount by some formula like multiplying the daily visitors of a site recorded by Toolbar with a specific digit or similar calculation. And this is the point where Alexa fails, as everything based on calculation. The number of visitors calculated by Alexa may or may not be real. If it is the real number, that will be just a coincidence.

    Alexa Rank can be manipulated by variuos ways. You can join some traffic exchange programs for this purpose. Most of the traffic exchange users uses Alexa toolbar as everyone knows about the Alexa Rank, & they want to decrease the rank too. There are various software programs to manipulate Alexa Rank too. But these shortcuts are not advisable.
    Sometimes it may not be true that, a website with significantly lower Alexa Rank receives higher traffic. Because, it rank can be manipulated. There are many websites with lower Alexa Rank but receives a huge number of traffic and vice versa.
    Alexa Rank sometimes depends upon the niche of the Blog/Website. For example, Rank of a website with niche ‘SEO Strategy’ will be much lower than a niche ‘Literature’. Because most of the the visitors of the first one will have Alexa Toolbar installed on their browsers.
How Alexa Rank Helps You

But, still Alexa rank can be helpful for you. If you are targeting direct advertisers for publishing purpose, Alexa Rank can be really helpful. Direct Advertisers look for websites under Alexa Rank 100,000. If you can somehow manage it to happen, you will be lucky enough to get some Advertisements for your website.

    Alexa Rank can be helpful for building reputation. Lower the Rank, higher reputation as Blogger or Website owner. Visitors will trust you and your contents if your Alexa Rank is below 100,000.
    You can analyze your Traffic Stats if your Alexa Rank gets lower than 100,000, which is also a helpful factor for your website.
Don’t Run After Rank

Don’t ever take shortcut methods like Traffic Exchanges, Software Programs etc. Let Alexa calculate it for you. It will be really helpful, if you try to improve your Alexa Ranking by some genuine methods like publishing good contents, commenting on other blogs etc. And don’t run after Rank. You will be successful if you receives good amount of traffic. Write quality contents, build quality Backlinks, use social networking sites to promote your website, do some good SEO, Alexa Rank will be automatically run after you.