Micro Jobs are typically jobs that can be done within 15 Minutes. Finding some business addresses, solving simple tasks, writing a small post on your website with link, researching  about type of tweets etc are some kind of micro jobs. These type of Micro Jobs don’t need much skills, rather needs good working speed to earn handsome cash.

Though micro jobs don’t pay much for a single job, but you can accumulate much by doing multiple works as these are less time consuming. You will be paid from $0.01 to $5 for a single job depending upon its difficulty level.

There are a lots of sites out their which provides Micro Jobs. Most popular sites for Micro jobs to earn money online are as follows,


FiverrFiverr is known as $5 Micro Jobs site. That means you can do any sort of work to earn $5. In order to earn you have to sign up as a seller. You can post multiple jobs of your own as per your knowledge. If you have some skills like web designing, graphic designing, blogging etc, Fiverr is the best place to earn some extra income from your skills.

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Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk)

MturkThis is most probably the oldest site for Micro Jobs. You have to sign up as a worker to earn money from this site. This site provides various works such as searching keywords, creating tags for pictures/videos, describing something, review of some business etc. You can earn from $0.01 to a greater value depending upon the difficulty level for a single piece of work. Some jobs like translation, graphic designing, troubleshooting etc normally pays more to the workers.

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Microworkers1Another most popular and interesting website for earning extra cash doing Micro Jobs is Micrroworkers. This site pays to its workers via Paypal. You can register here for free start earning cash without any skill. The rate of payment of a single works normally in cents, as those are very simple jobs like liking some video on Youtube, Commenting on forums with a link, Answering on Yahoo with link, Signing Up to a program etc. If you have a Blog or Website with some Google PageRank greater than 1 You can earn even much by posting a small post around 100-200 words about some site. But, be careful while doing this.

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Can you get rich by doing Micro Jobs?

Well, actually micro jobs can support your overall earning by adding some extra cash. These are not getting rich quickly programs. Go ahead and have some extra cash by doing Micro Jobs online.