SEO is a dynamic and wide topic, but as much as the techniques change, sometimes in a matter of months, there are those that will always remain useful. Here are some of the timeless techniques to keep in mind when looking to improve one’s SEO rankings for blogs/websites.


The techniques of presentation of content to the customer are changing. The popularity of mobile and that of video and photography propagated by such apps as Instagram and Snapchat are revolutionizing how content is created. Furthermore, the tradition of content creation being one way changed years ago; the content creation world now has multi-way communication channels. However one looks at it, though, the quality must always be kept high. Good content will have customers visiting one’s site more and this raises their search engine results page ranking. It will also encourage more sites linking to one’s website which further improves visibility.


There is no getting away from keyword research, both for the internet marketing company and the client. However, one needs to understand that just because the keyword sounds right or because it gets a lot of searches does not necessarily mean it should be used. Any SEO company worth its salt knows that the use of keywords is not just for popularity’s sake, but should be with an endgame in mind. Think about what the conversion goal is for the customer, and not just about rankings with the search engine. Avoid single or double word key phrases that have thousands of sites competing for rankings. Instead, look or those keywords that will target the niche market with a high search volume and low competition.


Selection is just one half of the equation; the other half is just where to use them. The following is a recommended order of use of keywords in the text blocks, in relative order of importance

  • Title tag
  • The h1 and h2 headings within the page
  • Links within the page and from other external links in the page
  • In the URL
  • In Bold and Italicized text

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Most search engines rank sites higher if they are linked to other more respectable sites. The important part is for the sites linking to the site in question to be respected industry giants. Getting connections from other reciprocal pages will likely not gain much traction. Target a few high rankings sites that are full of useful information and rank well on the search engine. Here are some clever tips to get links from high ranking sites

  • Always write quality content
  • Add a ‘link to this page’ function to every page that makes it easy for other webmasters to link
  • Get in touch with the webmaster personally and create a relationship. It is easier to get a link from someone with whom one has a personal relationship.

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With these techniques, sites will have a higher chance of a first-page ranking than most competitors. Moreover, dedication towards your work plays a vital role in this regard.

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