Have you registered for several domains that are not in use and you are worried about what to do with them? Are you worried about paying renewal fees of your unused domains? Cash parking of your unused domain can help in this regard. Cash parking is nothing but just like normal domain parking, but allowing parking companies to use domain parking page for their advertisement purposes. Cash parking companies have contract with leading ad serving companies like Google. Your parking page will be filled with ads from those ad serving companies.

How to park domains for cash?

There are various cash parking companies worldwide. You can register an account for parking your domain. Some of them are free to use and some are paid services. After registering and approval of your account you can add domains for cash parking. Once your domains are submitted, you will be asked to edit your domain’s DNS records for serving their ads. Edit your DNS records such as Nameservers and your domain will be ready for earning cash. It is not possible to park smae domain on multiple parking sites.

How much will you earn parking a domain?

Well, it depends upon your domain popularity as well as parking companies popularity and service. It is not possible to earn huge from a single domain parking. You have to park multiple domains to earn a handsome amount of cash. Normally parking of a brand new domain is not a good idea. As cash parking is a method of monetizing a domain with existing traffic, i.e. parking your old domain with natural traffic.

Why Parking a Domain Which is Already Getting Traffic?

A question may arise that why someone should park a domain for cash even it is getting natural traffic. Well, sometimes a website owner may feel that he/she will be unable to continue his website for some unexpected circumstances or shortage of resources. Domain parking for cash may work for him/her as the website is already getting some traffic which can be utilized. Moreover, their are many people who registers a domain and launch a website with some contents for generating traffic. As soon as they get a reasonable volume of traffic, they park their domains for cash. In this case, domain parking is pre-planned.

Should you send traffic to your parked domain?

Most of the parking domain companies don’t allow to send traffic to your parked domains. Violation may cause termination of the service. Parking domains for cash is nothing but monetizing existing traffic. Therefore, you should not park your brand new domain for cash. Rather, launch a website with some good keywords content with that domain. As soon as traffic flow occurs, park your domain.

Does Parking a Domain Really Works?

Well, it is not advisable to park your domain if you are generating good amount of traffic from your contents of the website. Rather, it is advisable to increase the contents and use other monetizing methods like Adsense for earning cash. Domain cash parking is only advisable to those who are unable to continue their services for some unavoidable circumstances as well as shortage of resources for their contents. Domain parking is not a getting rich quickly type method. Sometimes, the revenue comes from your parked domain may only sufficient for renewing your domain.

Domain Cash Parking Services

There are various domain parking services available for parking a domain. You may try any one of listed below,


  1. SEDO
  2. Godaddy
  3. NameDrive