Many beginner bloggers usually ask the question why their blog posts are not ranking high in search engines even though they have written great blog posts with 2000 words and why other pages with only 500 words are ranking higher than their post. So, my dear friends, this is where domain authority comes into the picture. Recently this question was asked by one of my readers. So, I decided to write a detailed guide about how to boost your website or blog domain authority, which you might be aware of and some techniques you might be not.

Domain authority is one of the most important factors which decides whether your blog posts and pages rank in search engine results or not. A blog or website with domain authority above 35 to 40 is considered a good. In short, the higher the domain authority the better you are going to rank in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. So before digging into various effective tips and tricks to improve your domain authority fast let me first explain to you what is domain authority and how it’s calculated.

What is Domain Authority

Domain authority is a metrics ranges from 0 to 100. It’s very easy for you to get the domain authority of 20 to 30 if you blog consistently. But to go above 50 needs serious work. In fact, only a few websites hold the domain authority of 100 like Google, Facebook and Wikipedia. But not to worry if your website or blog domain authority is not 100 score, it’s really difficult but at least you can work around to increase your domain authority to 35 to 40 very easily if you follow all the below-mentioned techniques and strategies.

However, there are many other factors like Moz trust, Moz rank, link profile, no of backlinks, Traffic, social media signals, user experience etc, but here I am going to share the best tips which will be very helpful for you to improve your website or blog domain authority quickly and fast. So without wasting much time, lets take a look at most important factors which determines your domain authority

#1  Unique Backlinks :

Now a days it’s more important to get backlinks from different websites and resources as compared to getting repetitive backlinks from the same source. Also, this will notify Google that you are using unusual methods to acquire backlinks by paid backlinks. So it’s always better to build backlinks from different websites and blogs and this will tremendously help you increase your website domain authority quickly.

It will also show and prove to Google that indeed your website is great and providing really useful content and that’s why so many websites are linking to your website or blog. Have you ever tried for searching any technical term in Google? Most of the time you are going to find Wikipedia page. Why Wikipedia gets thousands of new backlinks daily and more important that it comes from different sources like webistes, blogs and forums etc and this is what Google loves and it shows them that your website is worth and thus it will help to improve your domain authority faster.

One of the best trick you can do here is start looking for various blogs in your niche and start doing guest posting. But, here our goal is not to write hundreds of blog posts for a single blog and get 100 backlinks. The point here which will be like a gold mine for you is to do 1 guest post on 1 blog and move on to another. So if you manage to do blog posts on 50 blog over a course of time then you will be having 50 unique and highly targeted backlinks pointing to your website or blog and this will drastically boost your domain authority qucikly.

But never do guest blogging out of niche like for example if you are having a blog about fitness and getting a backlink from SEO blog. It will not that much beneficial as compared to relevant and highly targeted niche oriented backlink. So if you utilize this technique then I am pretty sure that you can see your DA score moving up in no time. I have seen many blogger who have used this strategy to boost their domain authority really fast. So why not you?

#2 Quality content :

You must be know that how important is quality content which differentiates from a low quality site to high quality site and if you try to publish quality content on your blog or website then this solely factor will increase domain authority of your website very quickly. One great example here I can give you is brian dean of backlinko who’s blog is not having 1000 or 2000’s of articles but most of the articles which brian have written is of top notch quality and one such example was the post of Google ranking factors which acquired thousands of backlinks from all over the web. So quality content really speaks itself and if you build quality content on your blog then automatically people will love to link to your content without having you to reach out to them.

Most importantly Google loves quality content and if you regularly write high quality content then surely it will help you to improve your domain authority in 2015 and beyond. Gone are the days where you could write any crap content and still you can get higher rankings in google now Google loves and recommends bloggers and website owners to write quality content specially if they want to boost their rankings in search engines.

So if you are doing this mistake just for the sake of improving your blog post count then please stop doing this and it’s not effective instead the better approach is to publish only high quality and original content on your blog or website and this will directly help you to increase your website or blog domain authority very fast.

#3 Internal Linking :

Many of you must be thinking that how internal linking of internal links will be helpful in increasing your domain authority then let me explain to you Domain authority is not all about no of inbound links it also very important how your content is interlinked with each other throughout your website or blog.

Have you noted the internal linking of Wikipedia they are always linking other relevant pages in their websites which indirectly increases the ranking of that page Also this helps our readers to learn more about a particular topic and you must be knowing that Google always give priority to user experience So if you website is having good internal linking structure then surely you readers will love and admire your skills also Google loves this kind of website which are having interlinked content.

But some tips I have for internal linking is that always interlink your post or content to your other relevant post and this will help Google understand what the page is all about So for example if you are writing about how to make a pizza then linking out to other pizza recipes will be much beneficial as compared to linking out to chocolate dishes. I think that you got the point.

So if you want to improve your domain authority then regularly interlink your new articles to old articles and visa-versa.

#4 Building Brand Signals :

Now Google loves brands gone are the days where you could build a affiliate sites listing all best shoes to buy and rank on the first page of Google but now Google prefers the actual websites which are selling shoes and not the thin affiliate sites So in short Google now prefers brands over thin and low quality sites So if you want to improve your domain authority quickly then you must build brand awareness and the best way is by doing guest blogging,  Social bookmarking on popular sites and by making profiles on various popular social media sites like facebook and twitter etc. And by doing this you can quickly boost your website or blog domain authority because Google will know that you webiste is worth and that’s why so many popular websites are linking to you and this will drastically help you in this.

#5 Social Media Marketing :

If you think social media is not important in ranking then you are really don’t know much about overall SEO. Google gives more importance to social media signals and it’s directly proportional which will help you to increase domain authority of a website or blog fast.

The more number of like and share your articles get the more traffic you are going to bring in to your website and at the same time your SEO will also increase since in google 200 ranking factors social signals also plays a very important role.

Remember I am again and again telling that you cannot improve domain authority of a website by only focusing on one technique but you have to focus on all the techniques and make your website overall good for your users as well as search engines then automatically you domain authority will increase.

So if you have a blog then get your readers to share you blog posts on popular social media sites like facebook, twitter, google plus and pinterest etc and this will help a lot. Also you can ask your readers to please share on social media sites and there is nothing wrong or you have to feel embarrassed about it. If you article is quality content the people would love to share on social media sites  and the best way is to place social media sharing icons on your blog or website

#6 User-Friendly:

Make your site more user friendly and don’t use lots of useless widgets on your website or blog as this will increase the load time of your website and Google considers site load time as one of the most important ranking factor. I have seen may newbie blogger even pro bloggers doing this mistake is that the use too many widgets and gadgets on their blog just to make it look attractive yes of course you must use widgets but limit it to only useful ones which will help in reducing your website or blog load time drastically.

One of the best example I can give here is the Google homepage itself even though Google has so many products which are of immense useful but the keep their homepage very simple in fact the most simple webpage layout we have on the internet despite of being no 1 website in the world So take a note of this and use few widgets on your blog and enhance your readers experience.

Also make your site navigation highly user friendly this will help them as well as search engines to find all your content easily if possible you can use breadcrumbs on your blog to let the user know where they are on your blog and also Google loves this specially if you website is very large.

#7 Off-page SEO :

Off page SEO will not only helpful in SEO but also it will be more useful to increase the domain authority of your website or blog. Similar to on page SEO off page SEO is important to make your overall site SEO friendly and there are many methods like guest posting, social bookmarking, blog commenting, broken link building techniques, forum participation, web 2.0

off page seo optimization is very important to boost your search engine rankings and at the same time improve your domain authority quickly

#8 Natural Backlink profile :

A Good and natural backlink profile is very important and this will help you get more traffic, more SEO boost, More Google trust and this will ultimately help to increase your website or blog domain authority. Try to build a natural backlink profile for your website or blog to increase the ranking and this will also lead to more trust in the eyes of Google and the more trust you will have the more authority you will get.

Avoid low-quality backlinks and focus on build only high-quality backlinks as now google give more importance to the quality of backlinks as compared to the quantity so it’s much better to build 10 high-quality backlinks as compared to build 100 low-quality backlinks.

Low-quality backlinks will reduce or even lead to Google penalty and I am sure that you don’t want to lose all your hard work. So, stay away from any low-quality backlinks and never try to put your website in danger zone by opting for black hat SEO techniques.

#9 Link diversity :

Apart from link building techniques, it’s very important how you are diversifying and varying your anchor text while building a link to your site. Make sure that you are not over-optimizing your anchor text as this is strictly against penguin also update So make sure that you include variations of your anchor text while building links to your website or blog.

If you want to avoid Google penalty then I highly recommend you to not play with this wrongly as you might have to pay a big price no matter you are fortune 500 company Google will not let you go and I have seen many big and very popular websites and blog getting penalized for using anchor text over optimization.

So if you link profile is natural looking then Google will give the credit back and you can get high rankings along with traffic and at the same time, the domain authority will also improve a lot.

#10 Domain Age  :

Domain age also plays a vital role and determines the domain authority So if you own a domain name which is 10 years old then surely it will have more domain authority as compared to the website which owns a domain for 1 year only.

Because older the domain name the more links it will acquire over time as compared to new domains. So if you want to increase your domain authority then if possible pick a domain name with is already having a good number of backlinks and it aged enough and this trick will drastically boost your DA

You can easily find such domain names by browsing through Godaddy auctions but for this, you have to pay more money as compared in buying a domain name like we normally do but the results are awesome.

You can literally pick any domain which has the domain authority of above 50 and will notice that it will be aged enough and you will rarely find a domain name which is 6 months old and having a domain name above 59 or even 40. So this is again the no 1 element to get high domain authority

#11 Let it grow :

Last but not the least that the domain authority of a website or blog will grow automatically over time and if consistently improve your overall site SEO and user experience. I have even been asked by my friends that is there any sneaky trick to improve the domain authority but to be honest there is no sneaky trick for this So you must be knowing that if something is beyond your reach then you have to leave it and let it happen automatically so here also to boost your domain authority you must let the domain name get aged.

Over To You

So friends this was how to increase your domain authority quickly of a website / blog in 2015, If you like this post then please share and don’t forget to tell me how you increased your domain authority and which other techniques you know which I have missed in this post as I am always keen to love from my valuable and loyal readers to share your tips and thoughts via comments section. Last and not the least don’t forget to share and subscribe to get more such awesome blogging tips and tricks! Happy Blogging!

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