Social Network - Target Audience

Social Networking sites are dominating the whole world of internet. To be successful you must promote your blog or work on social networking sites. It is true that, without some awesome and unique contents it is hard to have enough visitors. But, it is also necessary to promote your blog in order to get yourself familiar with others. Social Networking sites are the best options you can adopt for this purpose. You can’t imagine how much viral traffic a good blog post can get through a right social platform.

Though, it is good to try all leading social networks, but one has to choose the right and best ones depending upon the niche of the blog. People use Social Networking sites for different purposes. Therefore, it will be better idea to research the suitable network for promotion. Have a look around what your competitors are doing, what activities are attracting visitors, what contents are suitable for which network and so on. And pick up the right social network for target audience.


One of the most used social networking site is Facebook. Facebook is capturing the highest share of users per day among all Social Networking Sites. Many businesses are growing with the help of this awesome social networking site. It is so simple to build a page on Facebook. People will follow your page depending upon their interests. You can share your valuable contents with your followers and have some targeted direct traffic. Facebook is the only social network that can help any type of businesses or niches.


Apart from Facebook, Google+ is a professional social networking platform. Most professionals like bloggers, webmasters, web designers uses Google+ as their primary Social Networking Site. Most of Google+ users are from technology fields, so your technology related contents will really attract those. The awesome +1 feature will definitely promote your contents to the highest level. Google+ implemented community system that have a lot of people in them that you can share a relevant blog post to.


With 140 Character limit, Twitter is another popular social networking site to promote your contents. Posting exciting, unique and original content that is not available elsewhere regarding your business or blog helps getting followers quickly. On the other hand Hashtag(#) is also helping people to find target audiences. You can gain a lot of new followers that will solidify your position in the market if you are able to create a successful hashtag.  Twitter is also popular among the Smartphone and Tablet users. In order to target the audiences those using mobile devices, twitter can really help you.


LinkedIn is regarded as the most professionally focused social network. It is a right place to connect with different companies, clients, professionals if you are a professional like Graphic Designer, Web Designer, programmer etc. The Portfolio system gives a boost to your profile. Successful projects make your portfolio stronger and clients get attracted with stronger portfolio. It is a good try for a blogger too to utilize this social network by sharing useful links of their blogs.


If you are marketing your business with the help of videos, this it will be the right place for promotion. If you are running a video tutorial site or blog, this is no doubt a heaven for your contents. In search of tutorials people will land on your videos. If they find those relevant they will definitely land on your site too. You can monetize these videos with the help of Google Adsense too. Thus Youtube will give you chance to income more from your efforts.


People think that Pinterest is just a site to share photos or pictures. But, that’s not true. A well volume of traffic can come from Pinterst if you can use it appropriately. Whenever a blog post is made, we often use some images on that post. Why not we are utilizing those images for promotion purpose. Just provide the url of that blog post, search for the image, pin it, and see the miracle.

Some Other Social Networks You May Try Too