OutlookPreviously we have discussed about “How to Set Up Domain Specific Email ID with Google Apps“. No doubt, that is the best service you can choose. But only drawback is that, Google Apps for business is a paid service. As promised in the previous article, in this article I am going to guide you through the set up process for professional Email ID for domain with Outlook, which is a free service.

Domain Set Up Process at Windows Live
  • Go to domains.live.com
  • In the Custom Domain section click on ‘Get Started

Windows Live Admin Center


  • You will be redirected to Domain Setup Page
  • Provide your domain name on the blank box provided.
  • Check the option ‘Set up Outlook.com for my domain‘ and Continue

Set Up Domain

  • In the next step, in order to Assign Domain Administrator you have to Sign In with your existing Microsoft Account or need to create a new one.
  • After Signing in ‘Review settings and accept agreement‘ by entering the Captcha provided.

Review Settings

  • Now, you will need to set up DNS records for Ownership Verification.
Setting Up DNS Records

Now, this is a bit technical part. you need to prove your ownership for the domain registered. As I am using Godaddy domain service, in this tutorial I am going to show you the domain DNS setup for Godaddy domain registrar. But, similar method can be implemented to other domain registrar too.

  • Go to your domain registrar site and log in (Here it is Godaddy).
  • Go to My Account section and click on Domains. Here you will see the list of domains you have registered. Click on Launch button next to the domain you have registered at Outlook.
  • Go to DNS Zone File & Click Edit

Godaddy DNS edit

Adding MX Record

  • Scroll down & you will see MX (Mail Exchanger) section
  • Click on Quick Edit
  • Now it is time to enter the data received from Outlook for Mail setup.
  • Enter Priority as ‘10
  • Enter Host as ‘YourDomain‘ (Say YourDomainName.com)
  • Copy the MX Server value and paste (Ctrl+v) it to Points to section
  • Set TTL as ‘1 Hour
  • Save

MX record

Adding TXT record for Server Trust

  • Scroll down to the TXT (Text) Section
  • Click on Quick Add
  • Enter Host as ‘Your Domain’
  • Copy TXT Value as on Outlook & paste on ‘TXT Value’
  • Set TTL as ‘1 Hour’
  • Save

TXT record1Wait for some time till the records are updated on the server.  Process may take up to 48 hours. As soon as the records are updated your domain will be listed on your domains.live.com account.

Setting Up Email ID
  • Click on the domain name listed on domains.live.com account.
  • Click on Add

Add Email

  • A small window will appear. Add a Account Name & other details. (For a account name ‘admin’, the email ID will be like admin@YourDomaiName.com)
  • After editing all details click on ‘OK’
  • Your Professional looked Email ID will be ready to use.
  • Log in to your email account at mail.live.com

This is how you can set up professional Email ID for your domain with Outlook. You can add up to 50 Email accounts with this free service.