Comments are as important as your contents. Comment system helps the author of the blog to communicate with the readers. It helps building relations, generating ideas, rectifying misconceptions etc. Most important role of a commenting system is that, it generates traffic to your blog, especially when you make it dofollow. Though there is a disadvantage of commenting system because of the spammers, as most of the comments received are either irrelevant or spams. But, still it is a good idea to have a well managed comment system for your blog. You can get rid of the spammers using plugins like Akismet for WordPress blogs. I am going to discuss here about the top commenting systems you can adopt for your blog.


Disqus is probably the best commenting system available for blogs and websites. Most of the websites use Disqus. It is SEO a friendly, has an easy to implement interface. You can integrate it with Akismet to get rid of spammers. It allows readers to comment as guest, or login via OpenID or social networks IDs (Facebook, Twitter, Google and Yahoo). Disqus is a free commenting system. You can have a paid subscription for more options and features.You can integrate this comment system either in Blogger or WordPress blogs.

Disqus Comenting System

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Another awesome commenting system is IntenseDebate. You can integrate this commenting system to all popular blogging platforms. It is the best commenting system for your WordPress blog. Readers can comment using Gravatar, Twitter, Facebook IDs or as a guest. Best thing about IntenseDebate is that, it sends notification E-mail to the users who had commented on a post for every follow up comments. It keeps users coming back to the site and thus gives a boost in traffic. A voting system for the comments is also implemented on this system, which attracts the visitors and makes it easy to evaluate the value of the posts and comments. Akismet can be integrated with this commenting system to discourage the spammers. With lots of other features, IntenseDebate is another nice option if you are searching for a well managed commenting system.

IntenseDebate commenting system

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Now a days popularity of CommentLuv comment system is growing faster. If you are looking for huge traffic flow towards your blog or website, this comment system can really help you. The most popular feature of this commenting system is that, it can provide dofollow link along with latest post snippet. You can set some rules for this feature such as, after a particular number of comments by the same user this feature will be ON or the user must be registered to your site to get the feature ON or something else. The only disadvantage of this comment system is that, it encourages the spammers. You will receive much irrelevant or spam comments rather than some valuable comments. Apart from that this commenting system has some awesome features too, because of which this comment system is discussed and adopted more often. You can integrate this system to both of your posts as well as pages. Readers can share your posts through social networking sites too.

CommentLuv Commenting System

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