Custom Domain is nothing but a top level domain name for your blog. This domain name will serve as a unique identifier of your blog on the internet. Everyone wants to be successful as a blogger. But, without having a proper brand name it will not happen. Custom domain gives your a unique identity, reputation, brand name and all needed for a successful blogger.
Top 5 reasons to have a custom domain names for blogs are,

It Provides Brand Name

Custom Domain provides you a Brand Name for your Blog. Having a subdomain like, will not provide you an unique identity, rather this will keep promoting the, & whatever your blogging platform. Besides, will definitely provide you an unique identity.

It Shows Your Dedication

Custom Domain shows your sincerity as a Blogger. It will attract readers. It will built trust for your readers, as people always love to read contents of a top level domain name rather than a free subdomain. It will deliver the message that you are dedicated to your work & you have some future planning, therefore you are not using a free subdomain.

It Gives Security

Custom Domain will secure your brand name. Someday, somehow you may be kicked out from your blogging platform due to some unintentional violation of terms. If you are using free subdomain it will be impossible to stand back. But, if you are using a custom domain, your opportunities will be still open. You can rebuild your website again by self hosting. Even, you will not lose your backlinks too.

It Provides Advertising Opportunities

Many of the Top Advertisement Publisher Programs like Technorati Media, Buy-Sell-Ads don’t accept subdomains, as they have to deliver quality traffic from publishers for their advertisers. Thus, having a custom domain will open opportunities for earning much from your blog.

It Increases Traffic & Ranking

Custom domain will provide better amount of traffic to your blog. As most of the Search Engines love to show Top Level Domains on their search results above Subdomains, organic traffic will surely increase. Moreover, visitors also have a tendency to read the contents of a Top Level Domain & if they like your contents they will not hesitate to share through social networking sites too. And the increased traffic will improve your Site Rank too.

So, stop using your free subdomain & buy a custom domain for your Blog. Custom domains are not too expensive. You can have it for just $10 or less than that.
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