Comment on Blogs

Do you think that practice of commenting on other blogs is a waste of time? Do you think that you should utilize that time in posting on your own blog? Then, “YOU ARE WRONG”. Commenting on other blogs is a good practice. Building reputation is the key to a successful blogging career. Without commenting on other blogs it is not possible to get yourself familiar with other bloggers as well as readers. Many people think that commenting on a blog benefits that blog only. That’s not true. It benefits your blog in several ways.

Building Brand Name

Leaving a comment on other blogs makes you familiar with the readers. A good comment can influence others to search for your blog to know more about you. Thus giving you opportunities to showcase your expertise. More you comment, more you will be familiar to others. The more people know about your blog, the more you are proceeding towards building a Brand Name of your own.

Building Relationships

Commenting on other blogs gives you opportunities to build relationship with other co-bloggers. Commenting on a particular blog regularly gives you an opportunity to get yourself known by the author of that blog. A good, meaningful, informative comment can attract the author of that blog towards you & you may be asked to write a guest post on his/her blog.

Drives Traffic

Everytime you comment on a dofollow blog, you are leaving a link back to your blog. Good & relevant comments can attract the regular visitors of that blog and they will definitely visit your blog by following the digital signature you have left behind your comments. Thus meaningful, informative comments can drive viral traffic to your blog, which is also regarded as the key to successful blogger.

Improves Ranking

You are leaving Backlinks towards your blog, whenever you comment on other blogs. These link backs have the power to improve the ranking of your blog. More link backs from higher PR sites can help you gain higher ranking in Google PageRank System. More backlinks help you to improve Alexa Rank too. Higher PR and Alexa Rank are so important for your blog’s reputation as well as advertising opportunities.

Finally, You Are Gaining Knowledge

In order to comment relevantly, appropriately you must read and understand the blog post and its purpose. More you are commenting, more you are reading & analyzing some informative topics. Thus making yourself up to date with what is happening in your industry. Thus you are gaining knowledge, which can be implemented in future in your blog posts.

Some Tips

While commenting on a blog post, always read the post carefully and extract the message what the author is trying to deliver. Always make relevant & informative comments so that to approved by the moderator. It is a better practice to make earlier comment on a post, as earlier comments get much importance then the rest. But, placing earlier comment on every blog post will be a little bit annoying too. Commenting on a blog with higher ranking can help in long run. So, what you are waiting for. Explore the world of bloggers and start leaving some valuable comments.